CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

CCleaner Professional (Introduction)

CCleaner Professional License Key is an expert at keeping your PC tidy and optimizing its performance, as well as protecting your privacy. Ccleaner Professional is the full-featured commercial version of the PC cleaning and maintenance program. The bundle offers the usual cleaning functions. The software searches your hard disk and Registry for browser history, application, and system garbage, and deletes it in a few clicks. A professional’s flexible scheduler enhances CCleaner. Manual operations are unnecessary.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

Set the program to run daily, weekly, monthly, or “the third week of January, March, August, and November”. you decide. Enable the monitoring system to detect leftover files practically immediately after they’re produced. Once garbage hits a threshold (200MB by default), the application may clear it up automatically or show it for you to manage. CCleaner Professional Latest Version automatically updates so you’re always using the newest version, and Premium Support should resolve any difficulties quickly.

Does CCleaner Make Your PC Faster?

CCleaner may speed up your PC, but you must know how. CCleaner frees up disk space by deleting temporary files, cache data, and other useless items. Your computer works better with greater hard drive space. CCleaner also optimizes startup by regulating which apps start automatically when you switch on your PC. Disabling unneeded starting components speeds up your computer’s boot-up and responsiveness.

CCleaner may not affect PC speed as much on current, high-performance PCs. These systems have enough of storage and processing capacity, so clearing a few gigabytes of temporary files may not matter. CCleaner’s biggest effect is on older machines or those with limited storage, when even a tiny space may make a difference. CCleaner Professional Torrent should be used in combination with normal maintenance, such as updating your operating system and drivers and controlling startup applications, for optimal results.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

Key Features Of CCleaner Professional:

Cleaning Junk Files:

  • CCleaner Professional scans and removes transient and unneeded files, freeing up disk space and perhaps boosting system performance.

Browser Cleanup:

  • It clears Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge caches, cookies, and history. Web surfing may be faster and more private.

Registry Cleaner:

  • It may examine and clear the Windows Registry to optimize the system by deleting obsolete or unneeded items. Registry cleaners may create problems if used improperly.

Automated updates:

  • The Professional edition usually upgrades automatically with new features and security improvements.

Real-time monitoring:

  • When you shut your browser or other compatible software, CCleaner Professional monitors your system in real-time and cleans and protects your privacy.

Cleaning Schedule:

  • Schedule frequent system scans and cleaning to automate cleaning.

Recover Files:

  • CCleaner Professional may restore unintentionally deleted data.

Supporting Customers First:

  • Professional subscribers get priority customer service, which speeds up responses to questions and difficulties.

Increased Computer Speed:

  • CCleaner Professional speeds up and improves PC performance by deleting superfluous files and entries.

Protecting Privacy:

  • CCleaner removes browser history and stored passwords to preserve your privacy.

Customized Cleaning:

  • The CCleaner Professional For Windows software gives you complete control over the cleaning process by allowing you to pick and select which components to remove and which to remain.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

What’s New About CCleaner Professional?

Performance Optimizer:

  • Improve the performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of your computer.

Driver Updater:

  • Improve the functionality of computer parts.

Health Check:

  • Your computer will be analyzed, fine-tuned, and repaired to peak performance.

Software Updater:

  • Patches vulnerabilities by centralizing application updates.

Full Cleaning:

  • Complete system cleaning!


  • New and improved internal cleaning mechanism!

Automatic Cleaning:

  • Cleaning the backdrop on autopilot Keeping tabs on storage use.

Unlimited Support:

  • Get prompt responses and helpful advice.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

System Requirements Of CCleaner Professional:

  • Method of Operation: All 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (including Windows 10) are supported.
  • Processor: Processors no older than an Intel Pentium 4 or an AMD Athlon.
  • RAM: More than 512 MB of RAM is required.
  • Disk Storage: A free space of at least 100 MB is required.

How Do I Install It?

  • The download should start automatically a few seconds after accessing the download page.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

  • After running the installer, click “Install” on the next window. Advanced users can modify setup settings, but 99% can leave them alone.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

  • It will prompt you to open CCleaner Professional after finishing. Choosing yes will instantly take you to your dashboard.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

  • After running a cleaning or utility, the CCleaner shows progress.

CCleaner Professional License Key 6.16.10662 (Latest-2023)

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