iMazing License Code 2.17.11 Latest Version – Download

iMazing (Introduction)

iMazing License Code is the supreme manager for iOS devices. Obtain reliable software for managing and backing up your iOS devices and iPods. iMazing, an iOS device manager that is both robust and intuitive, has emerged as an innovative resolution for users of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch who desire effortless management of their devices. IMazing, a product of DigiDNA, distinguishes itself through its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, rendering it an ideal option for both casual users and technology aficionados. In contrast to the constraint-ridden iTunes interface, iMazing provides users with an unprecedented degree of flexibility, enabling them to administer their iOS devices outside the boundaries imposed by Apple’s ecosystem.

iMazing License Code 2.17.11 Latest Version - Download

Users are granted unprecedented control over their iOS devices with the assistance of iMazing. iMazing streamlines complicated processes such as app, photo, and music management, data transfers, and more, through the use of its drag-and-drop functionality. An exceptional characteristic of the software is its resilient backup system, which empowers users to generate complete backups of their devices, thereby safeguarding sensitive data. Irrespective of whether one is migrating to a new device or seeking to recover lost data, the backup functionalities offered by iMazing instill confidence by protecting cherished memories and critical information.

The versatility of iMazing is evident in its ability to transmit data seamlessly. It facilitates the transmission of files between Mac and Windows computers, iOS devices, and one another. Regardless of the type of content (photos, videos, messages, or documents), iMazing optimizes the transmission process to guarantee constant accessibility to the desired files. Moreover, iMazing affords users the capability to retrieve and export particular data from their backups, thereby granting them unmatched authority over their data. With its focus on accessibility and user-centric design, iMazing Full Latest Version is a crucial application for users of iOS devices, catering to both professional and personal needs.

Can Imazing Recover Deleted Messages?

iMazing, a widely used third-party application, provides an extensive range of functionalities for managing iPhones, one of which is the capability to retrieve expunged messages. Users are able to restore data, perform backups, and manage files with iMazing. The deletion of a message from an iPhone does not result in its instantaneous removal from the device. Conversely, it is classified as deleted and inevitably superseded by subsequent data. iMazing possesses the capability to retrieve expunged messages that have not been overwritten, thereby enabling access to them.

Using iMazing to recover deleted messages requires a standard procedure: After linking the iPhone to the computer, launch iMazing For Windows, and then choose the device. You may then proceed to the communications section, where you may view your expunged communications. If the expunged communications are still recoverable, an option to restore them to your device is presented by iMazing.

It is essential to note, however, that the success of message recovery is contingent on a number of variables, including the length of time since the messages were purged and the amount of new data that has been written to your device since then. Furthermore, to prevent data loss, ensure that you have a recent backup of your iPhone at all times. Although iMazing may serve as a practical application for retrieving deleted messages, it is advisable to consistently create backups of your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes in order to proactively mitigate the risk of data loss.

iMazing License Code 2.17.11 Latest Version - Download

Key Features Of iMazing:

Backup and restore devices:

  • iMazing backs up iOS applications, app data, communications, and media. It also makes restoring backups to the same or another device easy.

Transferring data:

  • Photos, movies, music, contacts, messages, and more may be transferred between iOS devices using iMazing. This function helps while updating iPhones and iPads.

Manage Files:

  • Exploring the iOS file system makes file transfers between devices and computers easier. Drag-and-drop makes file and folder management easy with iMazing.

Manage Apps:

  • The comprehensive view of installed applications in iMazing lets users carefully back up, restore, or transfer app data. It lets you install and uninstall programs without the App Store.

Messaging/Call Management:

  • iMazing lets users see, export, and print text messages, iMessage, and call history from their computers. It can retrieve deleted messages under specific situations.

Management of Media:

  • Music, films, and other material may be transferred between iOS devices and computers. Create playlists and manage picture albums with iMazing.

iOS System Administration:

  • iMazing lets you upgrade iOS, reset devices to factory settings, and manage system files and configurations.

Non-Cloud Backup:

  • If you don’t like iCloud, iMazing lets you back up your PC locally.

WiFi Backup:

  • Users may back up their iOS devices wirelessly using iMazing over Wi-Fi.

Backups encrypted:

  • Encrypted backups from iMazing secure sensitive data.

iMazing License Code 2.17.11 Latest Version - Download

What’s New About iMazing?

“Auto backups”

iMazing Mini, a free menu bar software, automatically and wirelessly backs up iOS devices!
See Getting Started with iMazing Mini for Mini information.

“NEW backup management features”

Backups archived automatically:
Now iMazing automatically archives all backups. Optimized disk use lets you archive hundreds of backups without filling your hard drive or external device. Automatic archiving protects your data from overwriting and lets you preserve more.
The backup wizard will show the following screen the first time you use iMazing.

Set backup location and archive options there. After the first iMazing 2 backup, additional device choices provide backup alternatives.

Backup List displays your iMazing backups for each device.

Other non-iMazing backups display as virtual devices in the sidebar with backup icons.

Schedule backups:
Set an automated backup schedule and location for each device.

Improved backup location management:
Individual device backups are now established. Your hard disk can back up your iPhone, and an external drive or NAS can back up your iPad. The new Device Options window has backup location options.

If no custom backup destination is specified, iMazing backs up devices to the default location. Your backups no longer transfer when you change the default backup destination. The Preferences Window displays the default backup location.

Edit backups safely:
Read-only backups are default in iMazing 2. Try editing one and you’ll be asked to duplicate it. Fear not! The ‘shallow’ copy saves your original backup and utilizes little storage space. A normal ‘Edit’ symbol indicates editable backups in the sidebar.

“New data”

Album ‘All Photos’:
The new All Images album organizes your images by moments, including iCloud Photo Library. If you try to export a cloud-stored picture, iMazing will offer to export its thumbnail.

Copy images to the device:
iMazing makes it easy to transfer photos from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

E-books and PDFs copied with iBooks:
The new iBooks View lets you duplicate iBooks app content. Transfer. epub and PDF files both ways.

“Better Backup, Restore, and Device-to-Device Transfer”

Customize app restore/transfer:
You may now pick which applications to include and exclude when restoring a backup or transferring data to a new device. A useful tool for spring cleaning when you acquire your new iPhone.

Better backup restore and device-to-device transfer:
Automated device activation via Internet connection Update iOS via Apple servers or.ipsw image file if necessary

“Device management”

Complete iOS support:
In iOS 10 and 11, Apple entirely altered the backup format. iMazing 2 supports the new format and encrypted backups.

Battery health popup:
Our battery health popover is adorable, huh?

The proportion in the green bubble denotes battery health. Green bubbles indicate battery health. An orange or red one is problematic. Do not wait till your health is poor to check your batteries!

Manage advanced shortcuts:
In iMazing, adding your favorite file-sharing applications to your home screen is easy. Adding files or PDFs to VLC or FileApp has never been simpler!

High-tech device management:
Many new tools and settings extend iMazing 2’s iOS device administration capabilities.

“Power-user features”

Dev Console, logs:
An advanced device console window and system and 3rd party app log files are included in iMazing 2.

Update/Reinstall iOS:
You may now upgrade, reinstall, and restore iOS using IPSW files or Apple servers. Recovery and DFU are handled by iMazing.

iMazing Of System Requirements:

Operating System Support

macOS (Mac)

Windows (PC)




El Capitan





High Sierra









Big Sur








Apple Mobile Devices Support

iPhone iPad iPod
1st gen 1st gen iPod classic
3G 2nd gen iPod mini
3GS 3rd gen iPod nano
4 4th gen iPod shuffle (only on PC)
4S 5th gen iPod touch 1st gen
5 6th gen iPod touch 2nd gen
5c 7th gen iPod touch 3rd gen
5s 8th gen iPod touch 4th gen
6 9th gen iPod touch 5th gen
6 Plus Air 1st gen iPod touch 6th gen
6s Air 2nd gen iPod touch 7h gen
6s Plus Air 3rd gen  
SE 1st gen Air 4th gen  
7 Air 5th gen  
7 Plus mini 1st gen  
8 mini 2nd gen  
8 Plus mini 3rd gen  
SE 2nd gen mini 4th gen  
X mini 5th gen  
XS mini 6th gen  
XS Max Pro 1st gen (9.7″, 12.9″)  
XR Pro 2nd gen (10.5″, 12.9″)  
11 Pro 3rd gen (11″, 12.9″)  
11 Pro Pro 4th gen (11″, 12.9″)  
11 Pro Max Pro 5th gen (11″, 12.9″)  
12 mini    
12 Pro    
12 Pro Max    
13 mini    
13 Pro    
13 Pro Max    
SE 3rd gen    
14 Plus    
14 Pro    
14 Pro Max    
15 Plus    
15 Pro    
15 Pro Max    

iOS Support

iOS system


iOS 4


iOS 5


iOS 6


iOS 7


iOS 8


iOS 9


iOS 10


iOS 11


iOS 12


iOS 13


iOS 14


iOS 15


iOS 16


iOS 17


iTunes Support

Minimum Version 12.2.0    


Apple 30-pin ↔ USB-A    
Apple Lightning ↔ USB-A / USB-C    
USB-C ↔ USB-A / USB-C    
Wi-Fi / WLAN    
Apple 30-pin ↔ USB-A    
Apple Lightning ↔ USB-A / USB-C    
USB-C ↔ USB-A / USB-C    
Wi-Fi / WLAN    
Apple 30-pin ↔ USB-A    

Languages Support













How Do I Install It?

Download The iMazing From Here.

Run Installer:
To start the installer, double-click the downloaded installation file in your Downloads folder. Confirm running the installation if your operating system’s security settings ask.

Use Installation Wizard:
Installation is guided by the wizard. To continue, click “Next” or equivalent. Accepting the Terms and Conditions and choosing the installation location may be required. Installation is completed by following on-screen directions.

Start iMazing:
After installation, iMazing should run immediately. If not, you may locate the iMazing icon on your desktop or in the Windows Start menu or macOS’s Applications folder. Launch the program by double-clicking the icon.

IOS Device Connection:
Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer via USB to use iMazing. iMazing will display your device on the main interface.

First Use iMazing:
After connecting your device, you may use iMazing’s backup, app, file, and other capabilities. Its user-friendly interface should make it easy to use.

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