Olive Video Editor For PC 0.2.0 Latest Version (2024)

Olive Video Editor (Introduction)

Olive Video Editor for PC is a free, open-source video editing program that offers a full range of tools for both novice and professional editors. it is the world’s most approachable video editor. Every feature of it, from its entirely programmable render pipeline to its open-source architecture, is meant to give users as much control over their work and workflow as possible.

Olive Video Editor (Introduction)

Is Olive suitable for professional video editing?

Yes, the Olive Video Editor is ideal for professional video editing. Its user-friendly design appeals to both novice and professional editors, providing a fluid editing experience. The program has a full collection of features, such as timeline editing, audio and video effects, and text customization, enabling experts to produce high-quality videos with accuracy.

Furthermore, its compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, frequent updates, and active user community all add to its desirability for professional usage. Because of its open-source nature, it allows for continual growth and modification, making it a flexible alternative for filmmakers and content producers looking for a powerful video editing solution. Professionals may use Olive Video Editor’s Latest Version to make use of complex capabilities without sacrificing usability, making it a great tool in the field of professional video editing.

Is Olive suitable for professional video editing?

What operating systems does Olive support?

Olive Video Editor is a multiplatform video editor with extensive support for various operating systems. it is compatible with the subsequent operating systems:

Windows: It is compatible with Windows operating systems, providing Windows users with an intuitive editing experience.

macOS: It provides support for macOS, guaranteeing a seamless editing experience on Mac computers for Apple enthusiasts.

Linux: It assists Linux consumers, thereby offering accessibility to individuals who favor this open-source operating system.

Both Olive Video Editor and Movavi Video Suite are strong video editing programs, however, Olive is free and open-source for experienced users, with a node-based editing system, while Movavi is a premium suite with a user-friendly interface for novices.

Key Features of the Olive Video Editor:

“Effective Editing Tools”

Editing at the node level:

The node-based editor in Olive for Windows provides you with complete control over your project, enabling you to reorganize, tweak, and apply effects to each phase of your process. It’s similar to having a visual flowchart of your adjustments, which makes it ideal for large projects and experimentation.

Trimming and cutting with precision:

  • It has all of the typical editing features you’d expect, such as frame-level clip cutting, splitting, rotating, and scaling.

Editing using many cameras:

  • Its multi-camera editing features allow you to edit video from numerous cameras at the same time.

Speed changes:

  • With time-remapping and slow-motion/fast-forward effects, you can control the tempo of your video.

“Color Correction Advanced”

OpenColorIO compatibility:

  • With OpenColorIO integration, you can work with some color spaces and create professional-looking results.

Color-correcting techniques that are quite effective:

  • Its color wheels, curves, and scopes provide you with fine control over the color grading of your movie.

“Audio Effects and Editing”

Audio editing on many tracks:

  • Multiple audio tracks, including music, conversation, and sound effects, may be layered and edited.

Filters and audio effects:

  • To improve your soundtrack, use audio effects such as EQ, compression, and reverb.

“Other features include”

GPU augmentation:

  • Olive Video Editor online uses your graphics card to make watching and editing seamless.

Interfaces that may be customized:

  • With adjustable layouts and keyboard shortcuts, you can tailor the interface to your workflow.

Open-source and free:

  • It is a free and open-source project, which means that the community is always developing and improving it.

Key Features of the Olive Video Editor:

What’s new about the Olive Video Editor?

Three key user-visible enhancements have been implemented: a new marking system, a rich text choices toolbar above the sequence viewer, and an audio recording capability.

“Olive Video Editor Pros and Cons Explained”


Olive is open-source and free.
It is great at playing back videos and music, but it’s not very heavy compared to other video producers.
There are a lot of audio and video effects that come with the program.
It’s fun to use the new Node Compositing tool, and future versions will have even more features.


Olive 0.2 is not stable at all.
Some versions have trouble with it.
They don’t show names, even when they are saved with a name.
Even if the user saves the changes made in this session, the export settings go back to the way they were.
There aren’t many effects in the stable version.

System requirements of the Olive Video Editor:

  1. 64-bit Windows 10
  2. 4GB RAM
  3. 4GB available hard disk space
  4. 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
  5. GPU with OpenCL 1.2 compatibility
  6. GPU with OpenGL 3.0 compatibility
  7. Microphone Optional

How do I install it?

  • Download Olive Video Editor from here. Download Here 
  • Click on the next button.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Accept the license terms.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Choose the location.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Press the install button.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Wait for it.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Press the finish button.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

  • Enjoy the program.

How do I install the Olive Video Editor?

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